How to be your best when your kids are at Their worst

From Yelling to Connecting

A positive parenting, brain-based online course to empower you with actionable tips as you guide your children to be empathetic, confident and motivated.  

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I used to be a short, and hot tempered person. I get triggered rather easily, usually someone without negotiation. More of a dictatorship parent, and I tend to shout and scream quite frequently when things don’t go well.

This course has changed my approach when handling my daughter. I learnt to stop shouting, and my thoughts, words and decisions have positively impacted my family – there is less tension, and my home is more harmonious now.

I promised my girl not to yell at her. I’m here to help her to understand her feelings. It’s been months since I stopped yelling at my daughter!

Can’t be more grateful to you, Jacinth. Thanks for imparting these valuable skills to us, you have made our lives so much easier!

You have the ability to parent with confidence.

“You cannot give in to your child all the time!”

“You need to cane him so he will learn!”

With the overwhelming advice from your well-meaning parents, in-laws, friends, family, it is understandable that you become doubtful of your parenting beliefs. 

What if you can equip yourself with parenting knowledge that is backed by decades of studies and neuroscience research? 

You can start empowering yourself and be an informed parent

You can create a safe and happy home.

We are all wonderful parents, until our children start pushing our buttons. 

You just can’t stop yelling at your children who drive you up the wall. 

You get mad at them, you get mad at yourself, you feel frustrated and a crazy amount of guilt EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I totally get it because I’ve been through it.

What if you can navigate this crazy parenthood journey with calmness and patience?

What if you know exactly why your child “misbehaves” and you are able to nip the problem in the bud? 

You can then model self-control and empathy to build a trusting relationship with your child!

You can guide your children to regulate their emotions, develop self-control and a moral compass.

Every interaction with your child is a chance to coach and teach him.

Imagine how much your child can learn if you turn tantrums and power struggles into opportunities for him to learn valuable life skills.

What if you know the steps to communicating and building capability in your child? 

Then you can raise emotionally intelligent kids and connect deeply with them!


6 years ago when I became a mom, I was mostly depressed in the first two years. I struggled because I felt so lost. Daryl was a difficult baby, he had to be carried and rocked to sleep, he woke up several times a night. He was strong-willed (still is!) and I had almost zero control over his behaviors, which drives me crazy because when I was a teacher, I could get all 40 students to cooperate with me. But as a parent, I couldn’t even get a 1 year old to listen to me!

I yelled and threatened because I didn’t know how else to manage his defiance and meltdowns. Until I decided that I need to stop shouting at him or I might just go crazy.

I read books, attended online courses and finally learnt that I cannot control my child. I can only control myself. My entire perspective shifted when I found that my child is not intentionally trying to be manipulative – it is simply because his brain is not developed, he doesn’t have the capacity to communicate effectively with me. 

Today, I feel so guilty for not equipping myself with the right parenting knowledge earlier.

Had I known how my child’s brain works, I would have approached his tantrums and power struggles with more compassion, allow him to express himself within boundaries.

I wish I had gain these brain insights earlier. I wish I knew about the positive parenting discipline approach.

Now, I am able to gain cooperation from my children without screaming at them, without a time-out corner, without any shaming, blaming or physical punishment. Today, I am enjoying my days as a mother. All the tantrums and meltdowns? Bring it on! I’m now armed with a plethora of parenting tips and tricks. The shift in my mindset has helped me embrace the challenges of parenthood. I can’t even remember the last time I yelled at the kids.

And I want to empower you with these life-changing strategies.

A positive parenting, brain-based online course to empower you with actionable tips as you guide your children to be empathetic, confident and motivated.  

Take a moment and imagine a day where your kids are cooperative, your responses have averted major meltdowns, your house is filled with joy and laughter! It is possible!

HEAR HOW Daddy Habib manage his anger and anxiety to connect with his children

(You have to listen to this audio call I had with him!!)


Habib: You know, the biggest change which I encountered in myself is I started apologizing to my kids. You know, when you learn to apologize to your kids, that’s when you realise, what a kid goes through. It really changes, it transforms the whole relationship between the parent and the child.

Hidayath: Honestly, my husband doesn’t say or apologise very easily.

Habib: I don’t apologise easily to people.

Jacinth: “How did you get your husband to learn positive parenting?”

Husband: Honestly, my wife forced me to do it. (laughs) 

[continues in video…]

how zoe learns to connect with her elder daughter

Whenever my girl is throwing a tantrum, my mom will ask me to use the cane. I insisted not to, as I know that’s not the way I want to educate my kids. But I also feel that she is getting out of hands.

Your course made me realise that all the naughty things she did and her emotional outbursts are because she didn’t feel connected to me. At first, I thought Daddy would give her enough attention while I took care of Meimei (my younger girl). Till one night I spent special time with her, when I told her I love her, she said: But Mommy loves Meimei more, with teary eyes. 

I feel so bad. I didn’t know all these while she is keeping this to herself. Now we feel closer. Your advice helped me with her potty training, keeping her toys.. Of course, there are some down times, but I’m more calm now.


I yelled almost every day in the past. This course made me realise I was the one throwing the tantrums – the adult tantrums.

After this course, I learnt to calm myself first, and going through the modules have helped me to connect more with my 9 year old boy and 18 months old twins.

In module 4 lesson 4, I learnt to recognise my mistakes and found that its never too late to reconcile with my eldest son. The course helps him to understand my son better. With that, I am able to meet his needs. Now my son is reminding me not  to scold or yell at him and we work together as a team.


This course will not promise you that your child will not have tantrums, will not cry anymore and will listen to you 100% of the time.

Because it is not possible.

Children NEED tantrums, they NEED to cry, they NEED to test boundaries.

Instead, what I will teach you, are step-by-step practical, actionable tips to help you connect and manage all the tricky behaviors with confidence.

This 4 week program provides the essential ingredients to your happy, respectful parenting:

tried and tested tools

Learn positive parenting strategies recommended by neuroscientists and child development researchers, backed by decades of research on children around the world.

parent with the brain in mind

Gain insights about your child’s brain, be aware of discipline tools and play activities that effectively support your child's growth and brain development.

3-step positive discipline communication roadmap

A practical, 3-step approach to handling misbehaviors, defiance, power struggles, tantrums, whining episodes, sibling rivalry... This approach will help develop your child’s social, emotional and language skills.

guidance and support

Receive personalized answers through live trainings and coaching calls. Get support with other like-minded parents who believe in positive parenting.

hear from other parents who learnt from me


From Yelling to Connecting is broken down into 4 core modules. The course materials (bite-sized video lessons, editable accompanying workbook and pdf cheat sheets) are available for your life-time access, all within the online portal.







Let me empower you with the knowledge, insights and know-hows so that you don’t have to put yourself under the stress and exhaustion I went through.

I feel less alone when I read your content because you know exactly what we are facing as parents and seeing the stressful situations described in words by you makes me feel validated and that someone truly understands our struggles and does not sugarcoat or skim over the surface without really addressing what's happening in real life.
Mummy Chloe

I’ve also read all these about positive parenting. But when I was reading, sometimes it's not so easy to put into action vs doing this course and actually having like Facebook calls and just having that constant reminders. And having Jacinth's own real life scenarios that I can empathise with helps, and I put into action.

Mummy Pamela
I told my husband that I'm going to join this course but he didn't go through the modules with me. I will send him my written notes but he didn't read. But when the time comes and I respond to my child, he got curious and he asked me to send him the link. This is a good start. If we don't parent on the same page, we will get more distant and different. The children are very quick to realise.
Mummy Doreen

How Mummy Mong ling took action and applied what she learnt

I am really thankful for the course. I haven’t start yelling at my children & i do not want to. I signed up with the intention to be educated parent in parenting. You distilled the lessons into essence for us so that we do not have to go through it the hard way like yourself (reading various books & journals).

My 2yo boy has issues with eating proper meal. That day, he refused his porridge & wanted my father-in-law to switch on the TV. He started to throw tantrums and my father-in-law was at a loss. I used the words you taught and validated my son’s feelings. And for a twinkle moment, he stop crying & look at me as if there was an instant connection there (I swear). We took a while but eventually he cooperated and had his porridge!


For first time parents who are clueless and wants some direction as they parent their children with love and patience

For parents who are tired of yelling their kids everyday to gain their cooperation 

For parents who want to keep calm and manage their tempers

For parents who are struggling with their children’s tantrums, meltdowns, violence behaviors, separation anxiety, power struggles, siblings rivalry

For parents who wants to stop using punishment to discipline their children

For educators who want to learn more about brain development and how to help students manage their own emotions

This is a self-paced course and you have life-time access to the videos. You can take your time to learn or binge-watch the videos! I have intentionally created concise, digestible videos because I know you have no time. I share only the best tips that work to make it worth your time.

That said, I strongly encourage you to commit for FOUR weeks because you will observe a transformation in your parenting after each module. I’m here to push you a little, help you to make learning a priority for this period of time. It is possible to complete the course if you schedule it in your calendar and MAKE TIME FOR IT. Because it will not only benefit you, it will benefit your spouse, your children and your grandchildren!

Today is the time you start investing in yourself.

I totally understand! I will personally think twice before committing as well. That is why I want to bring as much value as I can to your family. I want to make your every cent worth, I want you to pick up these practical strategies so that you can yell less at the kids, and help them develop essential skills that they need throughout life. 

My previous students told me that this course is worth every penny because it has transformed their families. I am devoting my time to help you manage the difficult behaviors, and give your little children a firm foundation of values, skills, and habits.

We always say our children grow up too fast! One of my priorities is to build trust with my kids when they are young, and I believe you do too. Don’t miss this short window period to build strong foundations in their values and personalities. I am committed to impart my knowledge, teach you the tools so you don’t have to navigate this parenthood through trials-and-errors or experience unnecessary stress. So this investment will definitely be worth it.

On social media, I share the little golden nuggets about positive parenting but this course gives you a step-by-step guide through basics of positive parenting, brain research and how to apply to your daily interaction with your children. I will be sharing several practical tips, tell you the exact words to say, the tone to use, how to troubleshoot when the strategy doesn’t work. I will show you what to avoid, what not to say or do.

The most valuable part of this course is the live coaching and community support so that you get your individual questions addressed, and with like-minded parents, you don’t feel alone or judged!

YES! In fact, I encourage you to read more parenting books!

The truth is, many parents don’t know HOW to apply what they read. They tried the strategies but they don’t seem to work. That’s because every child is different, every family is different so the one-size-fits-all approach may not work. A mummy shared “I have been reading various parenting books but I achieved understanding and perspective so much easier with the course!”

In this course, I am going to get into the trenches with you, find out more about your background and give you personalized advice that tailors to your child’s temperaments and personality. This individualized support cannot be found in books.

From the course, you will learn skills so you can raise children to be empathetic, resilient, kind, resourceful and have self-control. It does not matter how old your child is, because these useful skills are what we hope to see in children of all ages.

My teaching experience with secondary school children (age 13 to 17 years) have given me valuable insights on how children should be brought up; I’ve learnt that parental support makes a huge difference in the behavioral outcomes of children.

So yes, this course will benefit you even if you have a baby, toddler, preschooler, primary school going children!

Yes! If it doesn’t work, I will never put it out. I have personally tried it, my students in my previous workshops tried it and we’ve seen transformations in children. However, you have to invest your time in learning, intentionally applying the tips, and work on self-regulation (which I’ll share a lot in this course!)

This course is not a quick-fix solution because we are dealing with humans, not machines. Our children go through developmental changes at different phases of their growth, some tools may work today but not the following week because your child may be experiencing a peak in his separation anxiety, for example.

This course promises you a perspective change, that you will yell less and connect more with your children. You will learn how to respond to problematic behaviors with compassion and limits, gain cooperation from your children, and enjoy every moment of parenting!

I sincerely hope that you will benefit from the golden nuggets in this course, so I am giving a 14 days money back guarantee! If you don’t find it working after 2 weeks into the course, let me know and I will offer you a full refund, upon showing evidence that you have attended the trainings and done the work. Its 100% risk free! 

Any questions? Contact me here:

More about your coach!

Jacinth Liew, founder of Our Little Playnest


Hi everyone! I’m Jacinth, the mummy behind Our Little Playnest. I’m happy you are reading this, because it means you are serious about improving the relationships with your children, you want to be the best parent for your children, you want to enjoy this season of parenthood! 

I have taught several in-person and online courses to help parents shift their mindsets about their children. I’ve taught short-fused moms learn to parent patiently. I’ve convinced Dads about the importance of their roles, I’ve helped couples to parent on the same page!

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom to my two kids, I was teaching Mathematics and Science in a secondary school. I’ve been teaching and tutoring for more than 10 years now. With my teacher knowledge, I am passionate to share with parents how they can build a strong, trusting relationship with their children. I empower parents with positive parenting strategies, bite-sized brain knowledge about child development, as well as practical communication tools that can change your life and help them enjoy parenting! 

If you are keen to learn ways to yell less and connect more with your kids, I will journey with you and welcome you into my online course!

14-day money back guarantee!

I sincerely hope that you will benefit from the golden nuggets in this course, so I am giving a 14 days money back guarantee! If you don’t find it working after 2 weeks into the course, let me know and I will offer you a full refund, upon showing evidence that you have attended the trainings and done the work. Its 100% risk free!