Grow, Play, Learn with Siblings

grow, play, learn with siblings

A Workshop for Multi-Aged Kids at Home

2 November 2019 Saturday 3 – 5 PM | Ucommune Suntec City Tower 2 #07-01

Presented by:

Jacinth Liew

Our Little Playnest

Juliana Ong

Stories of Play

Fynn Sor

Happy Tot Shelf

Limited spots available!

Learn simple strategies to help siblings gets along

Discover the essentials and best tips for creating a multi-aged play space

Uncover the joys of learning together with siblings

“I have a newborn so I can’t give my 2yo my full attention and she just keeps crying for me”

“One boy is a hyperactive tornado and often destroys his brother’s play setups”  

“Everytime I leave the room, they would end up fighting or snatching toys”

“It is so hard to find activities that would occupy all my 3!”

Do you feel frustrated because your children are always fighting and you have to help resolve every nitty gritty conflict between your children?


Do you feel overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions daily trying to juggle the needs of multiple children?


Do you feel exhausted every single day trying to get your kids to spend less time distracting or disrupting each other and more time playing and learning? 

If any of these sentiments sound familiar, please know that you are not alone!

As mums ourselves, we completely UNDERSTAND the challenge of sibling rivalry and managing sibling conflicts in play and learning all too well. 


We KNOW your frustrations when your children refuse to cooperate, argue over the same toy, and when it all ends up in fights and tears for everyone. 

We get it and we want to help.

grow, play, learn with sibilings

A Workshop for Multi-Aged Kids at Home

2 November 2019 Saturday | 3 – 5 PM | Ucommune Suntec City Tower 2 #07-01

What You Will Learn In the Workshop


Why Siblings have Conflicts 


The DOs and DONTs to Conflict Resolution


How to Set Up & Optimise The Environment for Independent Play


The Essentials in a Multi-Aged Play Space


Tips for Happier Learning Time at Home with Siblings

Come join us for a time of learning new insights to parenting, play and learning

With over 10 years of teaching experience, 8 children between us aged 6 and under, and an in-depth knowledge of child development, the value of play and how children learn, we are coming together for the first time to share our combined knowledge and experiences with you in an informative in-person workshop. 

Through this cosy and informal 2-hour event, we aim to provide actionable tips and strategies to support you in navigating the ups and downs of life with multi-aged kids, and we hope to encourage and inspire you on this incredibly wonderful yet challenging season of parenting multiple little people.

Hear what others are saying

Leave inspired to change the way you parent, connect and learn with your kids through play.

Limited spots available!

More About The Speakers

Jacinth Liew  PGDE (DIST), B.SC. (HONS.)

Jacinth is a secondary school teacher turned stay-at-home mom to two children (aged 5 and 3 yo). She has been teaching and tutoring for more than 10 years now. With her teacher knowledge, she empowers parents with positive parenting strategies, bite-sized brain knowledge about child development, as well as simple play tips. Through her website and Instagram account Our Little Playnest, she hopes to inspire parents to connect with their children over simple and meaningful activities, and to enjoy parenthood as they parent with the brain in mind. 

Juliana Ong (M. A. Ed)

Jules is an Early Childhood Teacher turned SAHM to 3 kids under 3, a play coach and digital CEO of the online community Stories of Play. She believes that the season of parenthood with young children can be a season of joy and abundance. Through her Instagram community and signature online program, Playful Parent Academy, she seeks to equip parents to be confident in connecting meaningfully with their children through play so that they can play creatively and independently for longer.


Fynn is the creator of the hugely popular Instagram account Happy Tot Shelf where she shares many creative hands-on learning activities for young children. A Chemical Engineer graduate turned Science teacher, Fynn is passionate about preserving the curiosity and nurturing the love of learning in children. She believes parents are their children’s best teachers. Through HTS, she supports parents in their journey to raise kids who love learning. Fynn has 3 kids ages 6yo, 4yo and 5mo.