Positive Parenting Solutions – No punishments! How to connect and guide my preschooler (3 – 5 years)

Inside: How to get your preschooler to cooperate without yelling, time-outs, threats and spanking

Father and son on hammock.

Your preschooler’s brain is still a work in progress. He is still learning to regulate his emotions, control his impulses and make rational decisions.

How to discipline your preschooler without yelling, spanking, threatening or punishing him?

Calm yourself down.

You have the power to join in the chaos or calm your child’s storms. If you can get out of your fight and flight mode, you send a signal to your children that they can be calm too.

Before you approach your overwhelming children, remember to breathe and be in a logical, rational state.

Sanya Pelini reminds us to be intentional about how you communicate. The tone of our voices speaks volumes and can make a lot of difference in the way our children will respond to us.

Connect with your child

Attune to his emotions allow the feelings to run its full course. He may have done something wrong – but we are the mature adults and we want to address the underlying issues.

Coach your child

Teach him self-management skills, explain boundaries. Read books about feelings and emotions, teach him healthy ways to express his frustrations and anger.

Other ways to connect with your preschooler

Fill up their love tank by speaking their love languages.

Spend 1 on 1 time with your preschooler to give him your full attention. Studies have shown that quality time spent with your children lead to positive outcomes.

Play and read together!

Be an emotion coach

Preschoolers experience a whirlwind of emotions and are learning how to express themselves.

Teach your children healthy ways to express their big feelings and provide loving guidance.

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