from yelling to connect

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I teach you how to be your best, when your kids are at their worst.

Be your best
when your kids
are at their worst

I help frustrated
parents build
trusting relationships with their
children without
yelling & punishing


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Positive Parenting Learning Series

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Kind words from my community

Hello! I’m Jacinth!

I am a parenting coach, ex-secondary school teacher, Mathematics textbook coauthor, and a mom to two kids (aged 7yo and 5yo). Marrying my decade-long of teaching knowledge and parenting experiences, I empower parents to connect meaningfully with their children through positive parenting strategies. I share bite-sized, actionable, research-backed parenting tips with parents via emails, website, and social media accounts.

I coach parents at in-person workshops, in my signature online course From Yelling to Connecting  (FYTC) and provide ongoing support through my membership program Sprout (exclusive to graduates of FYTC).

If you think I have always been a calm and confident mom, you are wrong. I welcome you to read my story as I share how I struggled as a first-time mom, to embracing my role today as a confident, conscious parent.

Where To Start

Tantrums Guide Positive Parenting Singapore

Tantrums Guide

Tantrums: What, Why and How to manage tantrums

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From Yelling To Connecting

A positive parenting, brain-based online course to empower you with actionable tips as you guide your children to be empathetic, motivated and confident problem solvers

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Siblings Workshop: From Foe to Friend

How to navigate and manage siblings rivalry in-the-moment, and foster good long-term relationships among siblings

emotion regulation workshop singapore kids positive parenting

emotion regulation workshop: help your child ride her wave of emotions

Learn the brain science behind emotions and your child's behaviours, and how to teach self-regulation skills in the long run and in the moment