Be your best
when your kids
are at their worst

I help frustrated parents build trusting relationships with their children without yelling and punishing.

From yelling to connecting is now open!

be your best when your child is at their worst

I help parents build trusting relationships with their children.

In this 4 week online course, you will learn how to yell less and connect more with your child. Sign up today!

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If yelling works, why do we have to keep doing it over and over again?

Join the free 5 DAy No Yell Challenge!


From the 2 – 6 October, I am challenging you NOT to yell at your child. Don’t worry, I’ll be guiding you along with free trainings and support. You can make the change!

5-DAY EMAIL series (free!)

Receive 1 email each day for 5 days and equip yourself with knowledge about your child's development, strategies to manage meltdowns, and learn from the stories of other parents.

This email series is free, and suitable for children aged 2-8 years old.

Hello! I’m Jacinth!

I am a parenting coach, ex-secondary school teacher, Mathematics textbook coauthor, and a mom to two kids (aged 8yo and 6yo). Marrying my decade-long of teaching knowledge and parenting experiences, I empower parents to connect meaningfully with their children through positive parenting strategies. I share bite-sized, actionable, research-backed parenting tips with parents via emails, website, and social media accounts.

I coach parents at in-person workshops, corporate workshops, in my signature online course From Yelling to Connecting (FYTC) and provide ongoing support through my membership program Sprout (exclusive to graduates of FYTC).

If you think I have always been a calm and confident mom, you are wrong. I welcome you to read my story as I share how I struggled as a first-time mom, to embracing my role today as a confident, conscious parent.

Inspiring stories from my community

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Where To Start

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A positive parenting, brain-based online course to empower you with actionable tips as you guide your children to be empathetic, motivated and confident problem solvers

Tantrums Guide Positive Parenting Singapore
Tantrums: What, Why and How to manage tantrums
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How to navigate and manage siblings rivalry in-the-moment, and foster good long-term relationships among siblings
emotion regulation workshop singapore kids positive parenting
Learn the brain science behind emotions and your child’s behaviours, and how to teach self-regulation skills in the long run and in the moment