Free resources to help you on your positive parenting journey

Email series

Receive 1 email each day for 5 days and equip yourself with knowledge about your child’s development, strategies to manage meltdowns, and learn from the stories of other parents. This email course is suitable for children aged 2-8 years old.


Here is a summary sheet sharing insights about your toddler’s behaviours, as well as tips to navigate toddlerhood with confidence.

Set your child up for success!
Here are 50 phrases you can use to encourage a growth mindset in your child. 

Do your children argue and fight frequently? It isn’t always a bad thing. Read this resource to learn the 7 tips on how to manage conflict between your children like a pro!

Read this guide to find out the brain science behind tantrums: What, Why and How to manage tantrums

Positive parenting tips to help your toddlers and preschoolers switch off the tv without tears, a screen time contract template, 4-week activity plan, and 30+ easy screen-free activity ideas

Includes refrigerator summary sheet on labelling emotions, Feelings Thermometer, Feelings Vocabulary Words Lists, Zones of Regulation Chart and and Feelings drawing activity template

A summary guide to reframe your thoughts about defiance and 3 ways to help you navigate these tricky behaviours. If you want to watch the IG live replay of my sharing on Defiance, click here.

A list of mantras to bring about calmer, more positive mental and emotional states when we’re with our children.

Find out why kids are not cooperating and what we can do! Includes 10 real case studies and suggested scripts on how to manage the non-compliant behaviors.

3Rs when Conversing

What should I say to my kids when they display tricky behaviours? Use the 3Rs to converse with them. This 3-step approach helps children learn, think and reflect, as they develop the skills they need to thrive in life.

Bullying 101 Guide

Do you know what to do if your child is being bullied? What should you do if your child bullies others? Get the answers to these questions and more in this Bullying 101 guide.


Calming down and staying calm is an important coping skill. Use this poster to guide your child to take in deep breaths by blowing candles on the cake, tracing the arc of the rainbow and more!

Preview of Confidence Staircase Printable

With this Confidence Staircase, you can empower your child to celebrate every step of their progress, while fostering resilience and a growth mindset.

You’ll also receive suggested scripts and tips on how to guide your child through the activity.

Preview of After School Routine Printable

Needing some structure for school days? Let your child create their own after school routine with an easy-to-use visual chart. In the resource, I also share tips to help your child thrive and follow the routine in the long run.

Routines are so important for children because they thrive on predictability. If you are struggling with morning routines and getting your children out to school in the morning, try out these routine cards and board games. PDF and word (editable) versions available!

Try this DIY Routines Slider for an easier bedtime. Set up the routine together with your kids so they can have ownership in it, and choose a fun photo to use on the slider. Watch them slide into bed! PDF and word (editable) versions available!