About Me

Four years ago, I wasn’t sure if I could survive being a mom, much less a SAHM handling my son one on one. Truth is, I struggled. I found it extremely difficult to accept the facts: I have to give up a career that I was thriving in, I am out of control when it comes to raising my child, I will not have any monthly credits into my bank account, I haven’t been in touch with many friends… In the first two years, I doubted myself and was constantly questioning my decision to stay at home.

parenting coaching reading books to two children


Even though my husband has been very supportive, I wasn’t sure if he knew exactly what I was going through. Then, one day, I read an online article and it changed my perspective entirely: the story was about an old couple who witnessed the author struggling to manage her two children at the beach, and the old man said to his wife “Those were the days, weren’t they?”  

The author next words changed my entire perspective: “THESE ARE THE DAYS. WE’RE IN THEM, LIVING THEM. RIGHT. NOW.”

And I went YES! I don’t want to live with regrets. I want to fully enjoy my time with my children. I want to be present and be thankful for what I have. I want to be a responsible mother and have trusting, loving relationships with my children, even when they have grown up. I want to be a supportive wife and take up this parenthood challenge together with my husband. I know we can do this together. I then began to embrace my new role. 



It’s true, my passion for educating children lives on even though I’m now left with two students. I began sharing my knowledge with other parents on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok about how they can: learn brain science behind your children’s development and parent with confidence, engage and play purposefully with their children, inculcate a love for learning in their children, and guide their children to be inquisitive, emotionally intelligent, confident and resilient.

I teach through my online course From Yelling To Connecting, conduct webinars, in-persons workshops, all targeting parents because I firmly believe that parents play critical roles in developing their children. I could have conducted classes for the children – but I don’t see these kids every day, their parents do. So my mission is to arm parents with a bag full of proven techniques so that they can enjoy parenthood and cherish every moment spent with their children.

At the same time, I am also sharing my Math teaching knowledge over at Our Little Play Academy. There, I equip parents with research-backed teaching strategies and fun games to cultivate their children’s interest in Math. I want to share my math teaching knowledge, provide instructional knowledge, fun games and hands-on activities so parents can engage in daily conversations with their children to make learning Math authentic and meaningful!


I want to teach and inspire parents so they can be their children’s best teachers.

Right now, I’m just so heartened to know that I have impacted more than my two children! Head over to the free resources page to start learning! Or you can follow me on  InstagramFacebook, Youtube and TikTok for frequent updates. Talk soon!