Positive Parenting Learning Series
is a free email course
to help parents communicate and
navigate parenting with confidence.

Positive Parenting Learning Servies is a free coaching course to help parents communicate and navigate parenting with confidence.

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Some of the popular topics that many parents enjoy:

  • Series #01: 5 steps to turn meltdowns into teachable moments
  • Series #03: Time-outs can be detrimental!
  • Series #07 Why your child can’t share, here's the science

The learning series include tips on both Parenting and Play-based Learning. I will share with you my teaching expertise about the science and development of your children’s brains at different stages of their growth. Armed with this knowledge, you can better manage their cognitive, social and emotional development according to their needs.

Learn through case studies and hear my responses to help other parents!

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ANYWHERE! These tips and tools will be sent directly to your email. You can read them on the way to work, before you sleep, when you are in hiding in the toilet from your kids… anywhere, anytime!

Positive Parenting focuses on helping you build a loving and trusting relationship with your children. You will understand the reasons behind your kids’ behaviors, and use the right words to discipline and guide them. You will learn how to turn every meltdown and argument into teachable moments and raise confident, diligent and kind children.

Instagram has a 2200 character word limit and it is definitely insufficient for me to share with you all the insights you need to know. In addition, the posts on Instagram and Facebook might not reach you all the time because of the changing algorithm. This learning series will be sent directly to your inbox, that you will not miss! Should you have any questions, I can also reply and connect with you better via email.

Each topic on either Parenting or Play-based learning will be shared over a 3 or 4 part email, ending with a summary. Every part will take about 2-3 minutes of your time – I aim to provide bite-size information for you busy parents!

  • Parents who believe in nurturing their children with respect and love.
  • Parents who trust that setting boundaries make their children safe.
  • Parents who want to role model empathy and acceptance to their children.
  • Parents and educators who want to focus on the positives of their children and students.
  • Parents and educators who want to focus on the positives of their children and students.
  • Parents who want to learn strategies based on science and research, and not from hearsay.
  • Parents who believe that building a loving relationship is the key to solving parenting challenges.
  • Parents who want to shift the focus from academic achievement to character development and soft skills.
  • Educators who want to apply play based strategies when teaching their students.

learn together with thousands other parents!

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Inside: Why do toddlers throw tantrums? How do I deal with my toddler not sharing? How to manage toddlers and challenging behaviors? How do I improve my relationship with my toddler? Bonus: Free 1-page refrigerator sheet about your toddler, and exact words to use when

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