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Raising a Resilient Child: Teach your child to rise after every fall

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Parents and educators play a crucial role in helping children learn best in their Zones of Proximal Development (a concept theorised by famous psychologist Lev Vygotsky). By scaffolding questions effectively, we can guide children to deeper conversations and encourage critical thinking. Learn about fun and simple STEAM activities and how to use questioning strategies to promote creative problem solving in young children.

Date and time: 27th July 2019 Saturday 3:30pm

Venue: Studio 1, Science Centre Singapore 

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Jacinth Liew Our Little Playnest Workshop Science Centre
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INTERVIEW WITH GOGURU, OFFICIAL E-store of times bookstore:

Finding Opportunities to Learn in The Everyday
We all enjoy activities that are interesting to us, children are no exception. Appeal to their likes, and create activities with educational elements so that your child does not see a distinction between playing and learning. “I usually conceptualize activities that are in line with my children’s interests. My son loves Dinosaurs, so we did a Dinosaurs learning unit that incorporates literacy, sensory play, numeracy, pretend play etc,” said Jacinth.

Interview with DBS ASIA X: 

what’s the key to nurturing innovation in young children?
“It all begins with the family to include innovation and creativity in our daily lives. If a torchlight is broken, do we, as parents, just throw it away or can we figure out what went wrong? Children are watching us, and it is important that parents be the role model by asking questions and taking initiative to search for solutions…”